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News ! - free friendship service program is being shut down by Achichu. The last day is Dec 31st, This is not effecting the whole program, but specifically the "direct friendship" program. After evaluating the benefits of our users, we’ve decided to retire the friendship service within, Achichu Team is planning to introduce a new forum system from their friendship site   (Achichufriends Q & A = Beta Testing )


Notice :We are moving old members to the new forum database in our friendship website, members kindly login and change the controlpanel details, email preference, online status, page colour etc., New membership closed now due to this database updation ...

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August 4 / 2013 - Friendship Day 2013 - Wishing you a very happy friendship day!


June 28 / 2013  We are getting about a dozen spam user registrations per hour. To prevent spam user registrations. team testing to install facebook registration instead of our own registration form 


April 01 / 2013 Friendship question answer category launched


March 10 / 2013 NEW! Achichu Forums are discussion boards where you can interact with people, share your ideas & find new friends.


Feb 16 / 2013 - This website is made for all type of friends ( like - girls, boys, women, gents, students, housewife, lawyers, doctors etc)


Feb 14 / 2013 Happy valentine's day


Feb 8 / 2013 - Registration for new users are allowed now! But Certain Locations or  IP address not allowed


Feb 1 / 2013 - Due to Server side problem Registration of new users has been temporarily suspended. Please try again soon


August 20 / 2012 - We have made some big changes to the Achichu Friends website - August 20th/2012 , From 20th August 2012, We changed our website Policy about Private message system - Only Verified members are allowed to Send / Receive Messages. Kindly Contact Support Team and Request to verify your membership, we will activate your account within few hours (This page Announcements link already placed at registration page and Terms of use page )


5-8-2012 Happy Friendship Day  Greetings Email Sent today


May 10th / 2012 Our Private message system email server is " Secured Email server -"


May 1st/2012. Our online chat free service closed


April 25th / 2012 Don't post personal information on your username or profile like telephone numbers and personal email ids. Everyone can see this information and it can be misused



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